All Ideas Are Built On A Linger

I take walks with people while we walk and talk I carve using the conversation to choose the motifs I develop in the carving, it is my hope that when the work is fully realized it will be given to the fellow walker as a memento. My work has consistently focused itself on how to have a poetic relationship to life. Finding stories from the headlines, front page back page, personal narratives, dreams and the artist’s connection to nature. I attempt to find ways of representing how meaning is made. A special focus is placed in creating work in situations where the image or object is found in a process of conversation with a viewer or visitor. This act of stripping away of personal authorship allows me to focus on the many choices of how something can be represented. Using this method of production reinforces a belief I have about the nature of art, and how an artwork when existing as a physical object becomes a souvenir of thought.